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Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

Brimingham, AL Rehab

There is help to be found near Birmingham, Alabama. Read on to learn about our caring, experienced staff and treatment programs. 


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment
Near Birmingham, AL

The United States is in crisis. Our country is nearing 1 million deaths in the war on drugs started 50 years ago. 

Between 1999 and 2019, 841,000 people died of an overdose in America. Over 60,000 people died in 2019 alone. And while those numbers might look staggering, CDC updates indicate that between October 2019 and October 2020, 90,000 people died of an overdose or complications connected with an overdose. That’s an additional 30,000 people in a year’s time. 

Alabama is also struggling with addiction. Current CDC data indicates that Alabama has seen an over 27% increase in overdose related deaths from 2019 to 2020. An analysis of the 50 states and the District of Columbia has determined that Alabama has the highest number of law enforcement by state. Alabama also has the highest number of opioid prescriptions written in the country and is ranked in the bottom 5 of education about and accessibility to rehabilitation. 

In 2019, Alabama EMS reported approximately 700 overdoses per month, 418 occurring in the Birmingham area alone. The Alabama Drug Use dashboard indicates that white males ages 21-40 are 8 times as likely, in some cases, to require hospitalization from overdose. 

Shelby County arrest records indicate that over 300 arrests were made in 2019, in relation to narcotics and within those arrests 90% were for possession. The drug crime rate in Birmingham is just over 3 for every 1,000 people. 

The Alabama Department of Mental Health indicates that between 2019 and 2020, the rate of individuals has decreased significantly across all substances. Ranging between 1,000 and 2,500 people less in the last year, when addiction overdose is at an all-time high.


Additionally, the ADMH indicates that there are only 210 rehabilitation centers in the state available to the people in Alabama. This is the equivalent of 23,000 people to 1 rehabilitation center. 

For addiction treatment help, come north to Nashville, TN and visit us at Nashville Treatment Solutions.


Types of Addictions We Treat Near Memphis


Opioids are a class of drug that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids that includes fentanyl, and prescription pain relievers such as oxycodone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioids are responsible for taking over 125 lives each day. Overcoming an opioid addiction can truly be a matter of life or death.


Alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is not an easy addiction to recognize. Determining the difference between a casual drinker and somebody who has an alcohol addiction is not cut and dry. In fact, many professionals with alcohol addictions function normally even under the influence of alcohol. Binge drinking, extreme mood changes, and hiding drinking are some of the signs of alcohol addiction.

Prescription Pills

Between 1999 and 2018 more than 232,000 Americans died due to overdoses involving prescription opioids. Many people believe that prescription pills are safer than illegal drugs but that simply is not true. There are three major classes of prescribed drugs that are misused. These include painkillers, stimulants, and depressants.


Most people use cocaine for the first time thinking that it’s harmless. But cocaine can cause a life-changing addiction and ruin your life, as well as your families. Crack is the less expensive version of cocaine and thus, easier to find. Many people become addicted to crack and/or cocaine in a very short amount of time. Cocaine overdoses are common and can result in heart attacks, strokes, and even death.


Marijuana is becoming a more socially-acceptable drug. In fact, it’s even legal in some states. But, much like alcohol, just because it's legal doesn't mean that you can’t become addicted to it. If you find that you can’t go without smoking marijuana, then you may have a marijuana addiction. Anxiety, irritability, unable to sleep, depression, and a lack of appetite are some of the withdrawal symptoms somebody with a marijuana addiction may experience. If you long to overcome your dependence on marijuana, we can help.

Other Drugs

From designer drugs to hallucinogens, NTS offers a variety of treatment options regardless of your drug(s) of choice. We will help craft a truly personalized treatment plan that works to achieve long-term recovery from addiction.

These are just some of the different types of substances we treat at Nashville Treatment Solutions. We understand that every client is different which is why our tailor-made treatment plans help in achieving long-term recovery from addiction.


How Should You Decide
What Kind of Rehab to Attend?

Selecting a rehabilitation center near Birmingham, AL can be a difficult choice, especially if you aren’t sure what your options are. When it comes to alcohol and drug rehab you have plenty of choices in rehabilitation.

Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab near Birmingham, AL can be especially challenging because of all of the options you have. To narrow down your options and make the best choice for you, you should identify your goal for rehabilitation. What is it that you want to achieve? After you have determined this goal, consider the following options to support your transition to a sober lifestyle – manner of program, location, style of therapy, and available amenities.

It is important to consider the manner of program you are looking for first because that will determine every other category. You can select from programs that offer detoxification, inpatient care, outpatient care, or sober living and aftercare. When seeking treatment, it is important to remember that detoxification is typically residential and should be medically monitored to avoid the adverse effects of substance withdrawal. Inpatient care is residential and often lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 or 90 days. Outpatient care is not residential. The client accesses regular treatment while traveling to a rehabilitation center. These programs often last longer because of the intensity of the program. Aftercare and sober living are continuing opportunities for clients to seek treatment after completing a program. These supports are in place to assist those with normalized living situations and the reduction of temptation. The manner of the program should fit your lifestyle and current needs, but also challenge you in a new situation.

After selecting the manner in which you want to receive treatment, you should consider the location of the rehab. If you are looking for outpatient care, you will most likely want to find a location that is near to you. This can be challenging because it does not remove you from the environment in which you had substances available to you. The constant temptation can be a roadblock on the path to sobriety and often can be a factor in relapse. When selecting residential inpatient care, clinicians suggest choosing the furthest away that you can afford. By removing yourself from your current situation, they believe that you have more ability to focus on rehabilitation. Proponents of local outpatient care believe that the return from home is the most challenging aspect of residential care. The return to the environment where substances were present can act as a trigger for relapse. The location of rehabilitation is important for your rehabilitation process and you need to choose what is best for you.

While looking at rehabilitation centers that offer the manner of program you are looking for in the location best for you, you should look at the style of treatment they offer. Many locations offer a variety of evidence-based therapy treatments led by licensed clinicians. However, you should consider what additional support may be helpful to you personally.

Alcohol and drug rehabs near Birmingham, AL offer a variety of alternative and specialized treatments to support clients suffering from substance use disorders. Locations offer specialized treatments for co-occurring mental illness, trauma, and abuse. Rehabilitation centers offer these treatments to support their client’s total mental wellness. Some drug and alcohol rehabs near Birmingham, AL also offer creative arts therapies like art and must inspire the release of emotions in a controlled and effective manner. By looking at the available treatment options at each facility you can determine if they have what will be most beneficial for you.

Lastly it is important to look at what amenities the Birmingham, AL drug and alcohol rehab can offer you. Amenities might seem like an unimportant bonus, but they play a large factor when you consider the amount of time you will be spending at this rehab center. Rehab facilities range from glorified hospital rooms to boutique luxury facilities. Some have onsite spas, gyms, pools, and recreation areas available to their clients, while others only have a common area that doubles as a cafeteria. Amenities also include looking at the living quarters of residential facilities. Rooms can range from private and semi-private, to large shared rooms. Overall, amenities impact the client’s ability to focus on rehabilitation in a relaxing environment. Choosing a facility that will be relaxing for you or your loved one, is crucial.

These four factors weigh heavily when determining the type of facility you are looking at for rehabilitation. By creating a goal for your rehabilitation, you can focus your choices on meeting that goal and working towards sobriety in a logical manner.

Treatment centers like Nashville Treatment Solutions offer many options when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.


Most Major Health Insurance Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment.

Most major health plans with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of treatment at Nashville Treatment Solutions. To find out your health insurance coverage, click the button below to begin your free benefits check & consultation. 

If we can’t work with your insurance, our dedicated team of treatment coordinators will find the best options that work for you.

We currently are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans including TennCare. 


Get Help at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Birmingham, AL

At Nashville Treatment Solutions our clients addiction recovery is our number one priority. We understand the challenges of addiction and act with compassion and grace towards every patient. Each client receives an individually tailored addiction treatment plan to help succeed and that makes them the priority. 

Our Nashville Treatment Solutions facility in Nashville, TN offers extensive outpatient addiction treatment programs. During these programs our clients undergo individual and group therapy, which includes cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy. After treatment is complete, we offer aftercare options and support for clients who have accessed our program.

To support our clients’ wellness, we offer mindfulness techniques, trauma-based therapy, and access to a 12-step program. By providing a variety of treatments we home to encourage rehabilitation. We also want to encourage relaxation and healing through our state-of-the-art amenities and intimate setting.

By creating an environment of relaxation, a comprehensive therapy program, and extensively training our technicians, we have found our purpose in supporting you.

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