a photo of someone with clenched fists and screaming indicating they might need a anger management program

Anger is a secondary emotion, meaning it is an emotion that is fueled by other emotions such as depression, fear, hurt, or shame. For many of us, it’s a reflex response to stressful stimuli because we don’t have practice experiencing and expressing more vulnerable emotional states. While anger can be healthy and valuable, it can also incite toxic, even dangerous, behaviors when we don’t effectively metabolize or understand them. A co-occurring disorders program can be instrumental in identifying and managing anger in addiction recovery. 

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Signs that an Anger Management Program Is Needed

Everyone experiences and expresses anger from time to time. Normal expressions of anger are appropriate to the situation and do not cause harm. When expressed appropriately and constructively, anger can bring about positive changes and resolve untenable situations. Unregulated, unmanageable anger is different. It causes problems in living for both the person experiencing it and those in the line of fire. 

When someone cannot manage their anger, they can only increase the negative aspects of a situation rather than transmuting anger into resolution. An anger management program is needed when inappropriate expressions of anger cause harm. Here are some key signs that indicate an anger management program is needed:

  • Large explosions at small provocations
  • Threatening people when angry
  • Feeling consumed by rage
  • Pessimistic or paranoid thoughts linger long after an argument
  • Blaming, name-calling, scapegoating, and lying out of anger
  • Causing physical harm to someone or something in anger
  • Difficulty in interpersonal relationships
  • The use of substances such as drugs or alcohol in an attempt to quell or control anger
  • Getting mean or picking fights when intoxicated
  • Refusing to speak to others after an argument
  • The inability to hear, relate to and validate others in an argument
  • Engaging in self-destructive, high-risk, or harmful behaviors when angry
  • Irrational behavior, such as driving rashly or breaking important items when angry
  • Significant difficulty maintaining high-quality intimate relationships

If you or someone you love displays any of these signs, an anger management program may be highly beneficial. 

What to Expect from Anger Management Therapy

Many people don’t have the opportunity to learn healthy coping and anger management techniques when they’re young. Anger management for adults can help reconfigure the unhealthy expressions of anger ingrained in childhood. Anger management therapy can be transformative for any adult who struggles with overwhelming anger. It teaches vital emotional skills and healthy coping mechanisms.

Here are some things to expect from anger management therapy:

  • Learn to identify and express the full spectrum of emotions 
  • Learn to identify what triggers irrational behavior
  • Learn how to respond to anger without aggression
  • Learn and practice healthy coping strategies and mindfulness techniques
  • Become emotionally aware and empathetic

An anger management program can help you understand your emotional and behavioral responses to anger, allowing you to develop the tools necessary for long-term positive change. Whether seeking help on your own or with a therapist, research the best approach for your unique needs. You can achieve a healthier outlook and more positive relationships with the proper support.

Finding an Anger Management Program in Nashville, TN

While anger management programs have many commonalities, knowing your needs and values can help you choose an anger management program in Nashville that will most effectively meet your needs. When considering anger management programs, identify whether you prefer to be in a co-ed or single-gender environment. Decide whether you’d like in-person therapy, in-home, or virtual sessions. Most importantly, choose a program where you can connect, feel safe, and be yourself. It will be hard to access and heal unmanageable anger without these things. 

Learn to Manage Anger with help from Nashville Treatment Solutions

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we understand that anger can be as dangerous as any addiction. We believe that a strong, loving community, in combination with evidence-based therapies, is the core component of an effective anger management program. If you’re ready to take back control of your life, we are ready to help. Contact us at 866.714.5630.