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Men's Rehab Program

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we offer evidence-based treatments and therapies. We will develop a tailor-made treatment plan for you that will encompass some or all of the following: PHP, IOP, and OP treatment.


While gender may not be a top factor when choosing addiction treatment, gender-specific treatment can make a significant difference when it comes to seeing results. There is a growing interest among mental health researchers in the impact of sex and gender on mental health. Men tend to utilize mental health services at a lower rate than women. Treatment programs and services designed specifically for men are better situated to address certain stigmas and male-specific issues related to mental health.

For some, gender-specific treatment can yield significantly better results. Nashville Treatment Solutions offers gender-specific addiction treatment programs in Nashville. At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we understand the unique challenges that men face when seeking addiction treatment. As a result, we have developed a responsive, customizable program to address those specific needs. Contact us at 866.714.5630 to get the support you need and to better understand if a men’s rehab program is a suitable solution.

Why Addiction Treatment for Men?

While many people thrive in a co-ed environment, it can be overwhelming or counterproductive for some. In vulnerable situations, it can even create additional stress. Addiction treatment for men provides recovery services in a community of care that caters to the specific needs of men.

In reality, men and women think and behave differently, and we live in a world built on gendered norms, tendencies, and expectations. Co-ed recovery environments have to negotiate these social dynamics, which undeniably add a level of complexity to the recovery process.

During recovery, it’s important to simplify as much as possible to focus on the intense work of gaining and maintaining sobriety. In addition, addiction treatment for men can reduce the social complexities of the recovery environment and create a supportive environment specifically designed for men.

What Can Men’s Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Offer?

When it comes to mental health and addiction recovery, men face various unique challenges and stigmas that make the process challenging in specific ways. Men’s substance abuse treatment programs offer all of the same services and treatments that co-ed and women’s programs provide, except they do so in an environment that is designed to meet the specific needs of a male community.

Specifically, men’s rehab programs offer the following:

  • Solidarity
  • Safe spaces to embrace vulnerability
  • Opportunities to redefine success
  • A place to break free of the need to keep up social appearances
  • Comfortable spaces for sharing
  • Common experiences and perspectives

Our socialization teaches us that men must appear strong or invulnerable to the opposite sex. While we may claim to have evolved beyond this, our biology maintains generations of conditioning that work to convince us otherwise. In situations like addiction recovery, it can be inhibitive to deal with this conditioning while also attempting to heal from trauma, mental health disorders, and addiction.

Friendships and a supportive community are keys to good health. A men’s only treatment program helps men build healthy friendships, find solidarity, and create communities that reinforce sobriety and good health.

Find a Men’s Rehab Program in Nashville, TN, at Nashville Treatment Solutions

We have years of experience providing comprehensive, practical, gender-specific addiction treatment at Nashville Treatment Solutions. Our team is experienced, compassionate, and committed to providing the best rehab possible. To do this, we recognize the importance of communities of care where those in recovery can feel safe being vulnerable and build trust and camaraderie with other people in similar situations. Our Men’s rehab offers a variety of individualized services, treatment, and resources in an environment where men can relax and let their guard down.

To learn more about the services offered through our men’s rehab program, contact us today at 866.714.5630.

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