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Women's Rehab Program

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we offer evidence-based treatments and therapies. We will develop a tailor-made treatment plan for you that will encompass some or all of the following: PHP, IOP, and OP treatment.


Addiction is a disease that affects women differently than men, and the recovery process is also different. Women suffering from addiction and struggling with mental health concerns deserve inclusive, respectful, focused, and comprehensive support. A co-ed environment may be able to provide this for some women, but for others, being in treatment with a mixed group can exacerbate stress and trauma, making the process of healing even more difficult than necessary.

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we understand the unique needs of women in recovery, and we’re committed to providing a safe and healing environment that caters to those needs. To learn more about how to get help, contact us today at 866.714.5630. We can answer any of your questions about Tennessee’s addiction treatment programs and how to find one in your area.

What Is Addiction Treatment for Women?

Women in recovery have unique needs and can benefit immensely from women’s rehab. The things that work for men in recovery don’t necessarily work for women. Addiction treatment for women provides gender-responsive approaches to healing that consider and respond to the context particular to women’s lives.

Many women take substances to deal with other mental health issues and traumatic events. Addiction treatment for women considers the root causes of substance abuse and the unique ways it impacts women. Additionally, many women who are in recovery have experienced abuse from the men in their lives. While a co-ed recovery environment could further trigger post-traumatic stress, a women-only environment can offer the freedom to heal without encountering triggers.

In recovery, women tend to benefit from different approaches and progress in treatments more quickly than men. Addiction treatment for women offers individualized techniques that allow women to move through the process at their own pace.

Features of Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

One of the primary features of a women’s rehab program is a supportive, sober community. Women’s substance abuse treatment programs offer a safe community of women with similar experiences who can relate and provide solidarity for one another as they heal. Building strong, healthy, and supportive relationships with other women working towards sobriety are one of the primary benefits of a women’s substance abuse treatment program.

Guiding principles and key features of addiction treatment programs for women include:
  • Recognizing and responding to the fact that women tend to be relationship-oriented and put the well-being of relationships before their own
  • Tending to the particulars of women’s health, such as menstruation in conjunction with addiction treatment
  • Acknowledging the particular socioeconomic barriers that women face
  • Attending to the various caregiving roles that women embody in the context of recovery
  • Recognizing and working with cultural expectations and attitudes that affect women struggling with substance abuse
  • Taking a trauma-informed, strengths-based approach to treatment
  • Incorporating integrative and multidisciplinary approaches to treatment

Women’s substance abuse treatment programs offer unique services and resources designed to meet the unique needs of women in recovery. They are responsive to women-specific barriers to care, such as childcare responsibilities. Many women find that women’s rehab allows them to heal and find sobriety in ways that co-ed programs do not.

Find Healing in a Women’s Rehab Program at Nashville Treatment Solutions

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we understand women’s unique needs and challenges when entering rehab. We endeavor to meet those needs and minimize the challenges in every way possible. Our responsive, compassionate team is dedicated to your healing. Our treatments are individualized to offer each woman the support she deserves. When it comes to recovery, we take a holistic and evidence-based approach.

If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, we can help. To learn more about our women’s rehab program in Nashville, TN, contact us at 866.714.5630.

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