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Vivitrol for Alcohol: How Does It Work?

Certain medications have proved to be very helpful for people who are trying to end their compulsive abuse of alcohol. Research indicates that Vivitrol for alcohol addiction is one of the most effective options. What Is Vivitrol? Vivitrol is the brand name of a prescription medication that can be used to treat people who have

How to Get Help For an Alcoholic Family Member

When someone that you care about has become addicted to alcohol, it’s common to fear that there’s nothing you can do to help them. While it’s true that you can’t cure your loved one, you can play a vital role in the effort to connect them with the care they need. In today’s post, we

What Is an Alcoholic Nose?

What is an alcoholic nose? In old comics and films (such as ones starring W.C. Fields), people who were under the influence of alcohol were often portrayed as having a flushed face and a bulbous red nose. Does this exaggerated appearance have any basis in reality?  What Is an Alcoholic Nose? Lists of the physical

Alcohol Tremors: Why Do I Shake After I Drink?

Alcohol abuse can affect your body and mind in myriad ways. One impact that can be particularly worrisome is the onset of alcohol tremors. If you develop shakiness in your hands after you’ve been drinking, this could be a sign that you have become addicted to alcohol. What Causes Alcohol Tremors? The most common cause

What Drugs Cause Psychosis?

Recreational substance abuse can expose a person to considerable physical and psychological harm. In some cases, drug abuse can even lead to psychosis. Knowing what drugs cause psychosis can help you protect yourself and keep your loved ones safe. What Is Psychosis? Psychosis is a mental health term that refers to impairments in how a

Can Drugs Cause Bipolar Disorder?

Substance abuse is unfortunately common among people who have bipolar disorder. But what is the nature of the relationship between this behavior and this mental health condition? Does bipolar disorder lead to drug abuse, or can drugs cause bipolar disorder? Signs & Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Before we discuss if drugs can cause bipolar disorder,


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