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Family Therapy in Nashville

If you are looking for family counseling and addiction therapy programs in Nashville, reach out to Nashville Treatment Solutions (NTS) to ask questions and learn as much as possible about your rehab options. Family services are as fundamental to our addiction therapy options as our evidence-based treatments. Want to talk to a caring staff member? Contact us today. Fill out this online form or call (615) 234-9425

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Nashville Treatment Solutions is an industry leader in addiction treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

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The Effects of Addiction on Family Members

The fall-out of addiction within a family can be great. Poor or circular communication, financial challenges, feelings of loss, grief, fear, and general family chaos will affect everyone in the immediate circle. Below are some concerns for different family roles when someone suffers from a SUD.


About 13% of children live with at least one parent with a substance use disorder. What having a parent who suffers from addiction means to children is that they are missing a critical piece of their safety net. The risks are: Lack of security – a fundamental need, especially for children, Role reversal – the child taking on parenting roles, and Uncertainty – the environment and parent are unpredictable, which is scary.


When parents have a child who has a substance use disorder, their worry is on hyper drive. Feelings of powerlessness, guilt, and fear are overwhelming, while at the same time, they must safeguard themselves and their child. Some parents struggle to admit to an addiction. They may enable, make excuses, and refuse to see the truth. These parents can’t hold their children accountable, and the child becomes dependent, often on financial support, legal intervention, and image-polishing. Other parents are so afraid they become controlling. Since true control of another’s behavior is impossible, this response distracts from the goal of getting real help.


The siblings of people who suffer from addiction are often sidelined as the rest of the family deals with the addicted sister or brother. They feel invisible and are at risk for numerous negative outcomes, such as turning to substance abuse to re-enter the parents’ awareness, taking risks to distract them from what’s happening or out of a feeling of self-hatred, or disappearing, literally and/or figuratively.

Family Therapy Programs in Addiction Rehab

Most reputable addiction rehab facilities offer addiction recovery programs that include family counseling. The proven benefits to the person in rehab and the entire family are significant. Family engagement in family services reduces the risk of relapse and is more likely to inspire the family to do what it takes to support the recovery journey.

What to expect in a family therapy program:

Family Therapy in Nashville, TN

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we offer family counseling to all our clients. Family therapy is fundamental to our success and yours. Your recovery deserves its best chance for positive long-term outcomes. Engaging in therapy with your family is one way to amplify the love to heal the wounds and begin the next chapter from a healthy place.

Reach out today to learn more about family therapy at NTS. Call (615) 234-9425 or fill out our online form.