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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Nashville, TN

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As a leading Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Nashville, our dedicated and experienced professionals are committed to providing comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment to those in need. In 2021, approximately 20.4 million people in the United States were diagnosed with substance use disorder, and the numbers are steadily growing in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

In our effort to combat this crisis, our Partial Hospitalization Program in Nashville is designed to bridge the gap between residential treatment and outpatient care, offering structured, intensive treatment while allowing participants to maintain their daily lives outside of the program. Providing evidence-based therapies and individualized care plans, we strive to empower our participants, helping them navigate their unique mental health journeys and work towards meaningful, lasting recovery.

You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

Nashville Treatment Solutions is an industry leader in addiction treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

A Partial Hospitalization Program, also known as a PHP, is a level of rehab care for people entering recovery from drug or alcohol abuse that has many similarities to the care received by someone in a residential treatment center. The big difference is that PHP is an outpatient care program. This means the person can live in their own home while attending treatment sessions during the day. PHP is the highest level of outpatient care program available and requires attendance at therapy sessions more often than at the other levels. The next lower level is intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and below that level are regular outpatient programs (OP).

PHP programs provide structure and integrate multiple treatment approaches that prove successful in teaching people to recover from addiction. Once someone has completed PHP, they often transition to a lower level of outpatient care in order to continue successfully staying sober.

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How Does Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Nashville Work?

When someone comes to us for treatment, we get to know them personally so we understand their exact needs when it comes to treatment. We provide a vast array of therapies that help people overcome substance use disorders. We monitor each person as they move through the PHP program and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plans. Our strict guidance allows each person to heal under the watchful eye of doctors, nurses, and therapists.

When someone stops abusing drugs or alcohol, they experience withdrawal symptoms. We provide FDA-approved medications that help ease these symptoms and make the initial stages of recovery easier to endure. If the person also experiences mental health disorders, such as anxiety or depression tied to their addiction, we can provide medications to help treat those symptoms, too. We also offer additional levels of care for those who want to step down once Partial Hospitalization Programming is over.

Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP enables you to continue your recovery therapies on a part-time, intensive schedule designed to accommodate your work, school and family life.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient provides our clients sustained support once they have completed our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) including weekly one-on-one & group sessions.

Who is Good Candidate for a PHP Program?

Because there are multiple types of programs for addiction, a person may not know which one will be the best fit for them. A thorough assessment will be done prior to admittance to a program in order to know which one is the ideal choice. When it comes to a PHP program, an ideal candidate often fits the following criteria:

Benefits of our Partial Hospitalization Program in Nashville, Tennessee

Although PHP programs do take up a lot of time in a person’s weekly schedule, it still allows them the ability to live in their own homes. This provides them with access to loved ones who can provide support for them.

We employ a highly trained staff of clinicians who use their years of experience to help people overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol. Our staff understands how to treat people with dignity and compassion, which lets them feel more at ease opening up and embracing the healing process. Our PHP plan brings out the best in people and helps them improve both their physical and mental health.


Get Addiction Treatment at Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Nashville

When someone lives with a substance use disorder, they aren’t living up to their full potential. Nashville Treatment Solutions created a PHP program that gives people the tools they need to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our dedicated staff of clinicians meets people where they are in terms of their needs and arms this with the ability to identify potential triggers and avoid succumbing to them. We prepare them to become sober for life.

Would you like more information about our program? Contact us now and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Our treatment programs are designed to provide comprehensive and personalized care to individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction in Nashville, Tennessee as well as the surrounding areas. No matter where you live, we’re are committed to offering accessible and effective treatment options. Learn more about specific areas we serve below.