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Xanax Addiction Treatment in Nashville, Tennessee

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April 24, 2024

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Xanax has a reputation for helping a lot of people overcome their anxiety, but it also has a dark side for some. It can cause addiction in many people, which proves serious enough that they need to attend Xanax addiction treatment. Not all programs that treat substance use disorders are created equal, so it’s important for each person to choose a professional facility with a program specifically created to serve as a Xanax rehab. Nashville Treatment Solutions provides a structured program for addiction treatment that teaches people to avoid triggers to relapse and enjoy long-term sobriety.

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What is Xanax Addiction?

People take Xanax to help alleviate the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, but it also can help those who experience seizures and muscle spasms. It creates a sense of calmness and serenity in those who take it. The drug is available by prescription only and is taken orally. Xanax is classified as a benzodiazepine drug; a family of drugs that carries the risk of addiction. This includes those who take it for legitimate reasons using a prescription as well as those who obtain it illegally and consume it recreationally. 

The human brain naturally produces certain levels of dopamine that cause people to feel euphoria and relaxation. When this production does not occur naturally, Xanax steps in to adjust for it. Some people end up relying on this to the point that they cannot function well without using the drug. They end up needing to increase the amount they take due to developing a tolerance. At this point, the person will need Xanax addiction treatment to help them successfully stop abusing the drug.

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Signs and Symptoms of Xanax Addiction

There are several signs that someone needs to go to Xanax rehab. These include:

  • Taking more than the prescribed amount
  • Developing a tolerance to the drug
  • Using Xanax without a prescription
  • Trying to stop using it but being unable to do so
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not taking it
  • Avoiding responsibilities or activities in order to use Xanax uninterrupted
  • Difficulty at work, in school, or in personal relationships due to abusing the drug

    Doctor shopping (obtaining multiple prescriptions from several sources).

How Do I Know I Need Xanax Addiction Treatment?

It can be difficult to identify the need to enter treatment for Xanax addiction, but it’s important for a person to be honest with themselves. They should look at the list of signs of addiction from above and see which ones they experience. They may also have been told by loved ones that they have a problem and need help. When in doubt, the individual can talk to their doctor or a mental health counselor to see if they have a Xanax addiction. From there, a plan for treatment can be created.

How to Find the Best Xanax Addiction Treatment Program

If someone wants to find a Xanax addiction treatment program, they can ask their physician or a counselor for recommendations. Representatives from their insurance company can also tell them what options they have for different kinds of rehab. If the person has a place in mind, it’s easy to contact the facility and speak to an admissions staff member and get answers to all their questions.

Xanax Withdrawal Timeline

Anyone who is going to rehab wants to know how long the initial withdrawal stages from Xanax addiction will last. This depends on the severity of the person’s addiction, how much Xanax they typically took, and their current physical and mental health. Withdrawal symptoms can begin as quickly as a few hours after the last dosage. A general timeline is as follows:

Day 1-2: Typical symptoms include anxiety, panic, and feeling restless. The person may be physically tired but have trouble getting to sleep.

Day 3-6: Previous symptoms increase and others begin, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation. Some people have a change in their heart rate or blood pressure. These days are when the withdrawal symptoms peak and are the most difficult to endure. 

Day 7-14: Most symptoms begin to decrease during this time and many stop altogether. The symptoms that hang on the longest tend to be emotional in nature, such as anxiety and moodiness. 

Xanax rehabs can provide prescription medications that help minimize withdrawal symptoms so that no one suffers needlessly.

Types of Xanax Addiction Treatment

Someone seeking Xanax addiction treatment should begin with going to a detox program. This helps them get through the challenging first days of not using the drug. From there, many people find an outpatient rehab that meets their needs. Outpatient centers provide vital therapeutic sessions during the day but do not require the person to live in a residential facility. Each program provides an assessment to determine the unique needs of the person they treat. This allows them to create a calendar of therapy sessions to attend that address addiction and how to recover from it. At Nashville Treatment Solutions, our outpatient rehab offers multiple different levels of care that helps keep our clients accountable, including the following:

Partial Hospitalization Program: Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP), is an intensive form of outpatient treatment. Partial Hospitalization is a full day treatment program which allows clients to partake in treatment during the day, but live at home or a structured sober living home during the evenings. 

Intensive Outpatient Program: Our IOP program is less structured than our PHP program. Here, client’s take part in a minimum of nine hours of treatment per week. 

Begin Treatment for Xanax Addiction in Nashville, Tennessee

Did you start taking Xanax to help alleviate one problem and find that it spiraled into another one? If you need Xanax addiction treatment, Nashville Treatment Solutions can help you turn your life around. We provide a multitude of evidence-based therapies that teach people to understand how to recover from drug addiction. Our drug rehab in Nashville consists of highly experienced mental health counselors and medical professionals who help people stop abusing Xanax for good.

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