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At NTS, our Nashville Recovery Center is dedicated to helping you live a fulfilling drug-free life. There is a life beyond addiction and we are here to help you find it, embrace it, and build upon it. We provide a variety of programs and therapies, all tailor-made for your unique needs.

At our Nashville Recovery Center, we offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to helping individuals overcome the complexities of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis disorders. Recognizing the significant link between trauma and addiction, our center is founded on a trauma-informed approach. This means we acknowledge the widespread impact of trauma, understand potential paths for recovery, and fully integrate this knowledge into our practice. In addition, we pride ourselves on utilizing evidence-based approaches to treatment. This ensures our clients receive care that’s grounded in the latest scientific research and has been proven effective in addressing addiction and promoting sustainable recovery. In our welcoming and supportive environment, our expert team works together to provide personalized treatment plans designed to address each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

Services at Our Nashville Recovery Center

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Whereas CBT helps to retrain the mind to turn negative thoughts into positive outcomes, DBT helps you to find coping methods for these thoughts.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment used widely in addiction treatment due to its efficacy in discovering the connection between our thoughts and our actions.

EMDR Therapy

Our approach looks at our clients through a trauma-informed lens. By addressing and bringing to light past traumas, you’ll be able to limit the role they play in your life and in your recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy enhances a feeling of connectedness among the members, so people do not feel alone. Empathy, accountability, and support are all part of the work done in this kind of therapy.

Music therapy

The through-line behind all active music therapy techniques is healthy self-expression. Making music generates feelings of self-worth, pride, competence, and motivation.

Family Recovery

We offer group therapy sessions to families who need extra support while they work to repair broken relationships and heal emotional wounds.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment combines a medication with behavioral therapies to create higher success rates in recovery.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy offers a unique, integrative approach that aims to address the root causes of addiction while promoting overall well-being.

Benefits of Rehab at Nashville Treatment Solutions

Our Nashville Recovery Center provides a multitude of benefits to those seeking recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders:

  1. Trauma-Informed Care: Understanding the intrinsic link between trauma and addiction, our center provides trauma-informed care, ensuring our services are tailored to acknowledge and address the specific needs of individuals affected by trauma.

  2. Evidence-Based Treatment: We utilize therapies and treatments that have been scientifically validated and are recognized as effective in the field of addiction recovery. This enhances the likelihood of successful and sustainable recovery.

  3. Individualized Treatment Plans: Recognizing that every individual’s journey to recovery is unique, we design personalized treatment plans based on an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

  4. Multidisciplinary Team: Our team consists of dedicated professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and support staff, all working collaboratively to provide the highest standard of care.

  5. Supportive Environment: We foster a supportive, non-judgmental environment where individuals feel safe to explore their experiences, learn new coping strategies, and progress on their journey to recovery.

  6. Holistic Approach: In addition to addressing substance use, we also focus on overall wellness, providing resources and support to improve mental, physical, and emotional health.

  7. Continuity of Care: We provide ongoing support to help individuals maintain their recovery even after they leave our center, assisting with aftercare planning and offering resources to support long-term recovery.

  8. Location: Our center is located in Nashville, a vibrant city with a strong community, providing plenty of opportunities for recreational activities and community engagement, which can be therapeutic and beneficial during the recovery process.


Most Major Health Insurance Can Help Cover the Cost of Treatment

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At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we believe that everyone’s recovery journey is unique, and we tailor treatment plans for your individualized path. Our multifaceted treatment modalities will help you build a solid foundation for your recovery journey. We have a wide range of programs to meet your needs, including Nashville Detox, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which can be followed with our Outpatient Program (OP).  Connect with us today to see how we can best support you in your journey to sobriety.


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