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Renew, Restore & Recover at Our Nashville Rehab

Transforming lives and giving hope for the future. Our staff at our rehab in Nashville will walk with you into a life of sobriety.


Rehab in Nashville

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we’ve take our expertise and combined it with empathy and authenticity to create effective addiction treatment programs and proven results.

Your recovery begins with an authentic relationship between you and us. We understand that you are uniquely you and that your story is yours alone. Addiction is complex, and recovery shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. It is our desire to meet you on a personal level and address your individualized and complex needs so you can create a new life for yourself.

Our Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient programs are located on the outskirts of Nashville so you can get to us with ease and integrate back to life after addiction in a gradual step-down process.

What Our Clients Say

Aaron Petrie
Aaron Petrie
I've been a part of this team since the beginning in 2020 and have seen it grow into what it is today! Highly recommend for clients and someone looking to be a part of a team that is changing lives.
Molly Henderson
Molly Henderson
super knowledgeable and respectful staff, everyone is so dedicated to the clients
sandy sullivan
sandy sullivan
Great staff!

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We aim to provide the safe, stable, and comforting atmosphere that your alcohol or drug recovery needs.

We believe your healing can only begin when you’re in a comfortable place. We strive to provide that atmosphere and give you a place to embrace your individuality, make safe connections, and heal. We provide PHP, outpatient, and IOP in Nashville, TN. Our alcohol rehab in Nashville is larger than a rehab; it is a community.


Most Major Health Insurance Can Cover the Cost of Treatment.

Most major health plans with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of treatment. To find out your health insurance coverage, click the button below to begin your free benefits check & consultation.


Why People Choose Us

NTS is not your typical drug rehab program in Nashville. We understand the unique needs of our clients and provide an experience in recovery like none-other.

Accredited & Trusted

Nashville Treatment Solutions is licensed by the state of Tennessee and is a trusted Legit Script provider.

Top-Rated Facility

Check out our numerous top-rated reviews from real-life clients who have found recovery thanks to our drug rehab in Nashville, TN.


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Our Nashville Rehab Services

We believe in helping people struggling with addiction. Our alcohol rehab center in Nashville, TN employs professionals who understand and empathize with your unique needs.

Our proven programs and evidence-based treatments will take you down a path of recovery so that you can enjoy a life of sobriety. Learn more about our services below.

Dialectical Behavioral Theraapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) has been proven effective in treating many mental health disorders, including substance abuse.
Learn More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on changing negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
Learn More


The path into and out of addiction looks different for everyone, and a one size fits all approach will rarely lead to lasting change. Our Nashville rehab’s customized and comprehensive methods will help you find your individualized path to recovery. By combining different therapies and treatments we can help you end the cycle of addiction.


People who struggle with addiction often find themselves missing the rush. That’s why our ADVENTURE BASED THERAPY can be so effective. By engaging your mind and body in challenging experiences, it produces a “natural high” that can lead you to rediscover your purpose, boost self-esteem, and decrease anxiety all without relying on alcohol or drugs.

Our whole-person approach puts a high value on your PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH. This focus is key to lifelong change. Regular exercise trains the body to take care of itself in the right way, and self-care routines are integral to use alongside other addiction therapies.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL TREATMENT, or CBT, is used widely in addiction treatment due to its efficacy in discovering the connection between our thoughts and our actions. This psychotherapeutic technique reteaches the mind how to process recurring thoughts and reframe them in a way that makes them more understandable and allows you to work through them instead of against them.

Our approach looks at our clients with a trauma-informed lens. By addressing and bringing to light past traumas, you’ll be able to limit the role they play in your life and in your recovery. Our TRAUMA INTERVENTION enables you to focus on the present without sliding back into the cycle of addiction that trauma can perpetuate.

The people we choose to surround ourselves with help us maintain lasting sobriety. Throughout your treatment we focus on the necessity of being part of a COMMUNITY of support. We are committed to connecting you with individuals and groups who can assist you with your recovery.

We are all individuals and have come to our addiction for different reasons. Yes, there are similarities that connect us, but because we bring our whole lifetime of experiences with us, there will never be one treatment that works for everyone. We are committed to finding the right mix and balance of therapies that work for your TAILOR-MADE TREATMENT PLAN approach.


Opioids are a class of drug that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids that includes fentanyl, and prescription pain relievers such as oxycodone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioids are responsible for taking over 125 lives each day. Overcoming an opioid addiction can truly be a matter of life or death.

Between 1999 and 2018 more than 232,000 Americans died due to overdoses involving prescription opioids. Many people believe that prescription pills are safer than illegal drugs but that simply is not true. There are three major classes of prescribed drugs that are misused that include painkillers, depressants, and stimulants.

Alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is not an easy addiction to recognize. Determining the difference between a casual drinker and somebody who has an alcohol addiction is not cut and dry. In fact, many professionals with alcohol addictions function normally even under the influence of alcohol. Binge drinking, extreme mood changes, and hiding drinking are some of the signs of alcohol addiction.

Most people use cocaine for the first time thinking that it’s harmless. But cocaine can cause a life-changing addiction and ruin your life, as well as your families. Crack is the less expensive version of cocaine and thus, easier to find. Many people become addicted to crack and/or cocaine in a very short amount of time. Cocaine overdoses are common and can result in heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

Marijuana is becoming a more socially-acceptable drug. In fact, it’s even legal in some states. But, much like alcohol, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that you can’t become addicted to it. If you find that you can’t go without smoking marijuana, then you may have a marijuana addiction

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