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Is Alcohol a Stimulant or Depressant?

Is alcohol a stimulant or depressant? This might seem like a simple question with an easy either/or answer. However, as is often the case when discussing substance abuse, the truth is a bit more complicated

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Addiction Is a Family Disease

Why is addiction a family disease? How can a behavioral health concern that one person develops be described as a condition that applies to an entire group of people? In today’s post, we discuss how

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Vivitrol for Alcohol: How Does It Work?

Certain medications have proved to be very helpful for people who are trying to end their compulsive abuse of alcohol. Research indicates that Vivitrol for alcohol addiction is one of the most effective options. What

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What Is an Alcoholic Nose?

What is an alcoholic nose? In old comics and films (such as ones starring W.C. Fields), people who were under the influence of alcohol were often portrayed as having a flushed face and a bulbous

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