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Is Cocaine Physically Addictive?

It’s no secret that cocaine is a powerful and dangerous drug. But many people have questions about how cocaine impacts the body and mind. For example: Is cocaine physically addictive, psychologically addictive, or both? What

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What Is an M30 Pill (Blues Drug)?

The dangers of substance abuse can be magnified when a person takes counterfeit drugs, because they have no way of knowing for sure what they are ingesting. This is the case with M30 pills or

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Cocaine Comedown: Symptoms and Timeline

Discussions of cocaine often focus on the intense boost in mood and energy that this drug can cause. But what happens when these effects wear off? Today, we’re turning our attention to the symptoms and

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Woman needing help at our opioid detox facility

Adderall Withdrawal Timeline

How long is the Adderall withdrawal timeline, and what happens during this process? If you’ve been struggling with Adderall addiction, or you know someone who is, getting the answers to these questions can help you

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Can Drugs Cause Bipolar Disorder?

Substance abuse is unfortunately common among people who have bipolar disorder. But what is the nature of the relationship between this behavior and this mental health condition? Does bipolar disorder lead to drug abuse, or

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Is adderall meth?

Is Adderall the Same as Methamphetamine?

Adderall and methamphetamine are both stimulants. Both may be used for legitimate medical purposes, and both are often abused (which, in both cases, can lead to addiction). So does this mean they’re the same? Is

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