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How to Detox From Cocaine

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Most of us know about the drug cocaine and how powerful it is. However, most people don’t know how to detox from cocaine safely. Each and every addiction is different, and addiction is a disease that is not easily overcome. Therefore, for someone dealing with addiction or a loved one with addiction, it can be challenging to know what to do or where to turn to get the proper care. 

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we know that addiction is a lifelong battle that needs constant help and support from the right people and medical professionals. That is why we believe in giving our clients everything they need to get them or their loved ones the help they need to overcome addiction and get on the path to sobriety. In this post, we will discuss the signs of cocaine addiction, how to detox from cocaine and why it is never safe to detox from cocaine at home. 

Signs of Cocaine Addiction 

For those who don’t know, cocaine has been in use for well over a century as a natural substance used to treat a variety of illnesses. Cocaine is derived from the coca plant and was used by indigenous people in South America for generations before being made into the modern form of the drug we know today. 

Today cocaine is a powerful stimulant that acts on the user’s central nervous system to produce a variety of effects. Beyond the typical signs of addiction that a person undergoes, cocaine has its own unique signs that a person is using. These include sniffling or a runny nose, hyperactivity, inability to focus, dilated pupils, insomnia, and increased heart rate. 

Over prolonged use, a person will undergo behavioral changes, such as becoming socially distant, neglecting family responsibilities such as work and family gatherings, and they may begin committing illegal activities to obtain funds for or to obtain the drug itself. This behavior will likely continue despite the consequences that the user faces from abusing cocaine. 

How to Safely Detox From Cocaine 

Detoxing is the process of removing drugs from a person’s body either through stopping use or through medication-assisted means. The only way to properly detox from cocaine is in a medically-supervised environment where the health and safety of the client can be monitored so that the effects of withdrawal from detox do not harm them. 

Detox can begin as soon as a few hours after stopping the use of the drug and can last for several days. The symptoms of withdrawal can also last for days or even weeks after the person stops using, and the severity of the symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening. A medical team will be able to mitigate the effects of withdrawal and be able to step in medically if an issue should arise.

Why You Should Never Try to Detox From Cocaine at Home 

There are two very important reasons why someone should never try to detox from cocaine at home. The first is that if a person does not know how to detox from cocaine, they are more likely to relapse than other people who seek proper treatment. Secondly, without medical supervision, the effects of detoxing can be life-threatening. Any person who tries to detox at home could be endangering their health. 

Detox From Cocaine Safely at Nashville Treatment Solutions

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we can refer you to a licensed treatment facility designed to provide detox. We provide individualized treatment plans to get our clients clean and sober while working on the issues that caused the drug use in the first place. Clients will begin with detox before attending our outpatient or partial hospitalization program. We then provide aftercare services to continue the care once treatment has ended. 
If you or someone you know is dealing with a cocaine addiction, contact Nashville Treatment Solutions today.