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As we enter another new year, it’s easy to get swept up in a flurry of making lofty new year’s resolutions, only to end up overwhelmed and off track. New Year’s resolutions are about progress, not perfection. They’re about setting smart, actionable goals to move one toward their dreams and intentions. Thinking about New Year’s Resolutions as an opportunity to take small, consistent steps toward recovery can make them more effective, fun, and sustainable. For support in setting and staying accountable to recovery-related new year’s resolutions, consider enrolling in an outpatient treatment program in Nashville, TN.

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we understand the community’s vital role in success. We are dedicated to creating a thriving and supportive sober community for people in recovery. In addition to a supportive sober community, we provide practical, evidence-based treatments to help further your recovery goals. Contact us at 866.714.5630 to learn more. 

Leverage Your New Year’s Resolutions for Recovery

Many people begin the new year with lofty goals and high hopes for a big change. While significant change is possible, and aiming high is essential, it can also set one up for disappointment when it’s not built on a foundation of small, actionable goals. 

Utilizing the SMART framework and sticking to a handful of actionable resolutions can ensure that new year’s resolutions are attainable and aligned with recovery. The SMART framework represents this:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

Drinking more water isn’t a smart goal because it doesn’t address when, how, how much, or specifically what one will do to get more water in the body. Conversely, “I will start every day by drinking 32 ounces of water” fits in the SMART framework. This goal is smart because it consists of one specific action. Success is measurable by the number of ounces and when. It’s action-oriented in that it’s something tangible to do, realistic in that it’s making one small change, and time-based because you can track whether it’s accomplished every morning and over many days.

How to Set Sustainable Sober Goals 

By utilizing the SMART framework to create a series of small steps towards sustainable sober goals that will be helpful on the road to recovery, you can avoid the broad sweeping declarations that will lead to overwhelm and burnout. Here are some examples of SMART and sustainable sober goals for the new year:

  • Journal for 15 minutes every day
  • Perform a random act of kindness each day
  • Exercise for 15 minutes per day
  • Try one new sober hobby each month
  • Schedule quality time with loved ones one or more times per week
  • Attend at least three 12-step meetings each week
  • Make a list of people who can help, and ask for help when needed
  • Celebrate successes and refrain from criticizing failures
  • Begin each day with five minutes of gratitude practice
  • Turn off screens one hour before bedtime every day
  • Eat vegetables with every meal
  • Get more than eight hours of sleep every night

Committing to a few SMART goals will help build a track record of small successes that increase confidence and self-esteem, making sobriety more attainable and sustainable in the coming year. 

Get Help Staying Sober with Nashville Treatment Solutions 

We are committed to helping you realize your goals at Nashville Treatment Solutions. Our programs are built around creating a sober and supportive community. In addition to community, we employ holistic treatments and evidence-based approaches to addiction treatment. Our team has experience with every stage of recovery and is here for people at every stage of their journey to achieving and maintaining sobriety. Seeking an outpatient treatment program can benefit you if you want to build a sustainable and successful recovery. 

Nashville Treatment Solutions is here for you every step of the way. Contact us today at 866.714.5630 to learn more about our programs and services, or find out how we can help you get started with your journey into sobriety in the new year.