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Trusted Addiction Treatment in Nashville

Addiction Treatment Programs in Nashville

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we offer evidence-based treatments and therapies. We will develop a tailor-made treatment plan for you that will encompass some or all of the following: PHP, IOP, and OP treatment.


Nashville Treatment Solutions offers multiple different types of treatment programs in Nashville, TN. Our approach to addiction treatment allows individuals to live from home or from an off-site sober living facility. This allows clients to continue living their busy lives while partaking in treatment. Our options are ideal for someone who is either stepping down from a residential treatment center, or looking to continue treatment while still attending other obligations. 

Our programs are staffed with Master’s Level Clinicians, Therapists, Case Managers, and Medical staff. As the heartbeat of our program, our team has helped hundreds of clients through the years create sustainable change in their lives. Learn more about our addiction treatment programs below.

Our Addiction
Treatment Programs in Nashville

At our addiction treatment center in Nashville, TN we realize that recovery requires a new roadmap. This particular trip is guided by licensed physicians/clinicians and often starts with detox. The body is rid of drugs and alcohol during this time. Once we’ve cleared the body, it’s time to start working on the rest. Addiction is a disease of mind, body, and spirit requiring treatment of all three. 

Addiction treatment requires a clearing of the past while maintaining a focus on the future. You can think of it much like the clearing of trees for the building of a new house. As you take down each tree, you discover more about the land while you ready it for the house’s foundation. With a treatment plan tailored to you, we will help you let go and build all at one time. Below are our individualized and comprehensive treatment options.


Detox in Nashville is often the first step for those looking to detox from drugs or alcohol in a safe and supportive environment while maintaining their daily routine. At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we work with individuals and our detox partners to help individuals get the help they need.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

is a full-time commitment for a reason. This program is for individuals who need significant structure in the journey toward recovery. Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers a stable schedule for you to focus on your recovery and to get the help you need.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Nashville (IOP)

IOP offers therapeutic support with fewer restrictions than our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). IOP enables you to continue your recovery therapies on a part-time, intensive schedule designed to accommodate your work, school and family life.

Outpatient Program

provides our clients sustained support once they have completed either our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) including weekly one-on-one & group sessions.

alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN
Man being helped at our opioid addiction treatment center in Nashville TN

Why Addiction Treatment in Nashville is Important

Often misunderstood, addiction is a common yet unique disease. This misunderstanding has led to even more confusion for and about those struggling with addiction. Long thought to be a disease of moral failing and lack of willpower, we now understand addiction as a biopsychosocial disorder.

Although about ten percent of the United States population reports suffering from addiction, each person’s addiction experience is somewhat different. The road that leads to addiction has a lot of twists and turns. No two addiction journeys are the same but there are similarities along what becomes a very isolated road. 

Many people who experience addiction have co-occurring mental health disorders or a history of trauma. Others come from a long line of addicts and alcoholics. Some find themselves addicted after relying on drugs & alcohol to cope with social pressures and life stressors. With a disease that is both common and unique, addiction treatment centers need to tailor treatment to the individual. 

Our drug treatment center in Nashville, TN understands addiction and our staff of addiction professionals is here to help you leave active addiction behind. However you found your way into addiction – there is a way out.

How Nashville Treatment Solutions Can Help

Benefits of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Nashville

Most people who find themselves struggling with addiction are unable to stop on their own. Not being able to stop on your own is not a sign of weakness. Addiction is a complex disease and it often requires help to break free. You likely became addicted to drugs and alcohol over time, and it will take time for you to learn how to live a life without them. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN embraces evidence-based treatments and therapies to structure a treatment plan that meets your needs. You might have taken an unexpected turn into addiction, but we are here to help you get on the path to sobriety. If you can no longer imagine what your life without drugs and alcohol looks like, we are here to help you see that you can have a future without them.

Our addiction treatment center in Nashville, TN offers treatment at varying levels staffed with addiction professionals who can help you start building the foundation of your sobriety. 

  • If you know that you need extra support at the beginning of your journey, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers just that. The full-time commitment, structured schedule, and additional support of our Partial Hospitalization Program will help you to move beyond the chaos of addiction. 
  • If you must continue to fulfill work, school, or family commitments, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) enables you to actively engage in treatment on a part-time schedule. 
  • Our Outpatient Counseling and Therapy (OP) supports our clients once they’ve completed either our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). 
  • Besides the programs above, we maintain a partnership with a Sober Living community to provide access to a safe housing option while in treatment.

At our drug and alcohol treatment programs in Nashville, TN, we support you holistically as you connect with your recovery. While active in their addiction, most clients are not focused on their health. We help you to reconnect with your body through better nutrition, movement, and self-care. While we’re bringing your body back to a more healthful state, we’ll also focus on providing you with strategies for a more mindful approach to life. Yoga, meditation, and sound therapy are all tools that will serve you while in treatment and beyond. At the same time, we’ll create a therapy plan for you. We offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Adventure-Based Counseling, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family recovery, and  Trauma-Informed Interventions. All of this happens within a community of others facing many of the same struggles. And while yes, the roads traveled are different, everyone has the same goal of lasting, long-term sobriety. 

Wherever you begin your treatment journey with us, we are here to help you build a foundation that will sustain you in long-term recovery. 


Find Addiction Treatment in Nashville Today

Your loved ones may be encouraging you to seek help, and that is reason enough to begin to ask yourself if it’s time. Only you will know when it’s time to get help with your addiction. Your decision will likely be about so much more what, how, and when you are using. Look around your life. Do you know who you are anymore? Are you watching everything you’ve ever wanted or loved slip away while you hold onto your addiction? Have you made and broken so many promises that no one believes you anymore? Do you wish you could stop and you just can’t seem to do so? If you can answer yes to those questions, it’s time for you to reach out to an addiction treatment center in Nashville. 


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Most Major Health Insurance Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment.

Most major health plans with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of treatment at Nashville Treatment Solutions. To find out your health insurance coverage, click the button below to begin your free benefits check & consultation. 

If we can’t work with your insurance, our dedicated team of treatment coordinators will find the best options that work for you.

We currently are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans including TennCare.