a man stands with his arms crossed outside while taking a break from his opiate addiction treatment

Opiate addiction is hazardous and characterized by compulsive drug-seeking behavior because opiates produce the effects of our naturally occurring endorphins while inhibiting the brain from producing them on its own. Along with being highly addictive, opiate prescriptions are widespread. High-quality substance abuse treatment in Nashville is available if you or someone you love is struggling with opiate addiction.

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we believe in the power of creating new and positive connections to break the cycle of addiction. We start with connection and remain committed to compassion and nonjudgement as we work with each person who comes through our doors to create a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs and goals. For substance abuse support you can have faith in, contact us at 866.714.5630.

What Does Opiate Addiction Treatment Consist of?

Opiate addiction treatment, like most treatment programs, works best when it’s tailored to the needs of unique circumstances of each individual. However, most opiate addiction treatment programs share some qualities. Opiate addiction recovery begins with detox. Depending on the severity of the addiction, detox is best done with professional supervision and medical assistance. After medical detox, opiate addiction treatment may involve:

  • Mental and physical health assessments
  • Substance use history inventory
  • Spiritual support
  • Mental health and medical treatment to address root causes and related issues
  • Medication-assistance
  • Family support and care services
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Fitness and wellness routines
  • Enrichment activities
  • Twelve-step facilitation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Educational and vocational enrichment resources
  • Post-treatment planning and advocacy
  • Sober living

Most importantly, opiate addiction treatment must be comprehensive and address all aspects of an individual’s life. At best, opiate addiction treatment is an ongoing journey, not a finite program. The goal of opiate addiction treatment is to help individuals live healthy, productive lives.

What Does It Take to Overcome Opiate Abuse?

Overcoming opiate abuse requires a commitment to working in an opiate rehab program. Working in a residential or outpatient program creates an environment suitable for addiction recovery. To overcome opiate abuse, one must:

  • Recognize, understand and heal the root causes of addiction
  • Learn how to manage the symptoms of addiction without abusing substances
  • Replace destructive habits with healthy routines
  • Maintain a connection to a sober, supportive community

The first step in overcoming opiate abuse is to recognize that there is a problem. This may seem obvious, but many people struggling with addiction are in denial. They may try to rationalize their use, minimize the seriousness of the problem, or make excuses for their behavior. If you are worried that you or someone you love may have an addiction, it is essential to be honest about the extent of the problem.

How Long Does Opiate Rehab Take?

Everyone lives, moves, and recovers at their own pace, so no two rehab experiences will be identical. There are typical milestones along the path to opiate rehab, but each person meets those milestones in their own time. Addiction is a chronic disease, and the work of opiate rehab may extend well beyond the bounds of a formal rehab program.

Relapse is an especially prevalent concern for the first 18-24 months of recovery. This period is the most critical time to focus on recovery formally or take part in an intensive opiate rehab program. In opiate rehab, the focus will be on learning how to manage the symptoms of this chronic illness and learn new healthier routines and coping strategies.

The length of time that a person spends in opiate rehab will vary based on their specific needs and goals. However, ongoing involvement in recovery activities is the best way to maintain sobriety in the long term. 

Get Your Life Back with Nashville Treatment Solutions’s Opiate Addiction Treatment Program in Nashville, TN

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, our vision is to help you build a solid foundation to sustain the healthy life you deserve. We are committed to helping you or your loved one start the journey to long-term sobriety in a way that creates the best possible success.

Our goal-oriented and evidence-based treatment methods are customized to the unique needs of each individual. We also partner with a sober living community to provide additional support to people needing secure, sober housing for their treatment program. Contact us today at 866.714.5630 to get on the path to getting your life back with long-term recovery.