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Why Your Loved One Should Go to Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Realizing that your loved one has a drug problem is heartbreaking. Their behavior is likely very erratic, and you may start to feel helpless. Addiction is a disease of isolation. You will see your loved one slipping away from you as they descend further into their addiction. You will likely watch them change into someone you barely recognize as they do and say things, unlike the person they were before cocaine took over.  In addition to living through their erratic behavior, you may also feel helpless. If you’ve never dealt with addiction before, you may not even know the options for cocaine addiction treatment. If you find that you or your loved one has a problem with cocaine, Nashville Treatment Solutions is here to help. We have a wide range of multi-faceted programs that we can utilize to treat your loved one’s addiction. 

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction to Look Out For

Cocaine can be ingested in a few different ways. While the movies often show cocaine is snorted through the nose, it can also be rubbed on the gums, smoked, and injected. Regardless of how cocaine is used, the effects are similar. The way it is ingested determines how quickly the effects are felt, with cocaine that is injected being the quickest high because it directly enters the bloodstream. Cocaine is a stimulant and speeds up the whole body. Within seconds or minutes of using cocaine, the individual will have a higher heart rate, a higher body temperature, and appear to be excited. They may talk and move faster as well as shake or twitch. Most cocaine users will not eat or sleep much. Cocaine also causes paranoia and can cause anger.  Once the drug wears off, there is a crash that leads to the individual feeling tired while also craving more cocaine. Cocaine addiction treatment can help your loved one to get past these intense cravings. Those who snort cocaine will often have a runny nose and get nosebleeds. Those who smoke cocaine may have burns on their fingers or lips while those who inject cocaine will often have marks from injecting the drug. 

Why Your Loved One Should Go to Cocaine Addiction Treatment

If your loved one has tried to quit using cocaine in the past unsuccessfully, it may be time for them to attend drug rehab. While it often seems that getting sober should be as easy as stopping using drugs, it’s usually more complicated. Over the course of time, drug use changes the pathways of the brain. Your loved one has likely come to rely on cocaine as a way to deal with life’s stressors and difficult situations. Their brain has become wired to see cocaine as the solution and it may take more than just stopping. Cocaine addiction treatment blends different modalities to address not just the physical aspects of cocaine use, but the psychological dependence on the drug. Through participation in group and individual therapy, skills groups, and other activities, your loved one can begin to build a life without cocaine. 

How Nashville Treatment Solutions Can Help Your Loved One Today

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we believe that everyone’s recovery journey is unique and should be specific to them. We currently offer Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient treatment options for anyone struggling with addiction. Reach out to us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help your loved one.

Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. Recovery from addiction requires help from others and isn’t something you or your loved one should do alone. Contact us today!