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a woman consoles an upset man trying to cope with living with an alcoholic
alcohol use disorder

Living with an Alcoholic

The complex plight faced by people who are living with an alcoholic is often overlooked. Those who have to coexist with a person who suffers from alcohol use disorder don’t have the luxury of distance

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Woman experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms while trying to detox at home
alcohol detox alone

Risks of Alcohol Detox at Home

Fully recovering from alcohol addiction is often impossible without outside support. The mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal are extremely serious. This means dealing with alcohol detox at home can be dangerous at best and

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Woman going through one of the four stages of alcoholism

The 4 Stages of Alcoholism

Recognizing the stages of alcoholism can help individuals and their families understand what is happening to their loved one before it’s too late. Alcohol and drug addiction are major health issues in the United States.

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