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Fully recovering from alcohol addiction is often impossible without outside support. The mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal are extremely serious. This means dealing with alcohol detox at home can be dangerous at best and life-threatening at worst. If you or a loved one has decided to become sober, remember that help is available during detox and beyond. Call the qualified team at Nashville Treatment Solutions at 866.714.5630 or reach out online. We’re standing by to answer your questions about our exceptional alcohol rehab in Nashville or make a referral. 

What Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Can I Expect During Detox?

Alcohol is a powerful, mind-altering drug that negatively impacts many systems of the body. Over time, drinkers build tolerance, meaning they crave more and more of it to achieve the same effects. Sadly, the more you drink, the more likely serious health complications will develop. These include liver and heart disease, stroke, and a wide variety of cancers. For this reason, it’s essential to get help as soon as possible when you realize that addiction is present. Alcohol detox at home is incredibly dangerous.

The journey to recovery starts with the crucial and undeniably difficult process of physical withdrawal and detoxification. While medical supervision can make this process more manageable, it’s wise to be aware of symptoms before actually facing them. The withdrawal and detox process often involves:

  • Mood symptoms reflecting elevated energy, such as anxiety or edginess
  • Physical symptoms like trembling hands, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and sweating
  • In rare cases, cardiovascular symptoms of heart or high blood pressure
  • Sleep loss or insomnia
  • In rare cases, hallucinations in which you see or experience things that aren’t really there, or delusions in which you believe things that aren’t actually true
  • Also rarely, fever, seizures, unconsciousness, or even death 

How Can an Alcohol Recovery Program Help Me During Detox and Beyond?

When you or your loved one enters a recovery program for alcohol addiction, you’ll first meet with a doctor who performs an assessment. This determines how best the provider can meet your needs. A customized treatment plan goes into effect at this point. This may start with medically monitored and assisted detox if the addiction is severe. 

This means that you’ll receive medical supervision as soon after your last drink as possible. In this way, your provider can closely monitor your withdrawal symptoms and provide a contained environment with proper nutrition and limited stimulation. They may also prescribe medication to manage the discomfort and health risks of withdrawal.

A qualified treatment program then gives you the benefit of ongoing care that addresses the root causes of your drinking. Individual therapy forms the cornerstone of many such programs. Here you may learn coping skills for better managing stress and address any underlying mental illness that may be present. You might also practice mindfulness techniques that make you better able to handle cravings without acting on them. 

Treatments offered include:

  • Group therapies, especially those in the 12-step model, can also be a great component in recovery. These programs allow peers going through similar struggles to support one another and hold each other accountable.
  • Twelve-step programs are especially effective in managing alcohol addiction recovery because of their high level of structure and the inclusion of individual sponsorship. 
  • Holistic interventions such as equine therapy, music therapy, or yoga can be wonderful additions to a recovery protocol. These allow a person in recovery to direct some of their energies into self-expression, gain validation and develop motivation. Many holistic approaches also help clients maintain good physical health to support clearer mental functioning. 

Reach Out to Nashville Treatment Solutions Today for Information on Alcohol Detox and Recovery

If you or your loved one has made the choice to quit drinking, you deserve the best support available. Don’t try to alcohol detox at home. Call Nashville Treatment Solutions, and we’ll gladly answer your questions about alcohol detox and the recovery journey. We’re available at 866.714.5630, or you can fill out our confidential online form to start the process today.