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How to Find Outpatient Treatment Near Signal Mountain, TN

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If you are looking for a drug rehab program, the search for the best programs that fits your needs is very challenging. While many rehabs offer levels of care that are evidence-based and extensively tested, which program will give you the tools and support you need to achieve lasting sobriety? As you are well aware, rehab is a considerable commitment in both time and finances. The right program can mean the difference between a meaningful recovery and constant relapse and frustration.

One level of care we will look at for this article is outpatient treatment. You will learn what outpatient rehab is and its benefits. You will also learn where to find outpatient treatment near Signal Mountain. 

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What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment programs allow you to go to rehab and get the quality care and support you need while allowing you to live at home. These programs are ideal for those who can’t make the significant time commitment to be away from their families or jobs in order to receive treatment. Outpatient treatment programs feature the same programs that are found in residential rehab and include the following:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy programs
  • 12-step group support
  • Medication management
  • Mental health support
  • Educational workshops and guest speakers
  • Access to community resources that support your recovery

On average, you may need to attend outpatient rehab only once a week, or you may have to attend 3-4 times weekly. The typical length of time per session is 2-3 hours. The number of sessions you attend per week depends on your specific needs and the severity of your substance abuse. Many outpatient addiction treatment programs are “step down” programs. This means that the number of sessions and the length of time you spend in each session can be reduced as you progress in your program.

The focus on outpatient treatment near Signal Mountain is relapse prevention. These outpatient programs utilize an educational approach to help you what relapse is and how you can minimize the risk of relapse. You will learn about the triggers in your environment that can lead you back to substance use and develop healthy coping skills to deal with your triggers. In general, these programs last 3-9 months but can vary depending on your needs. Outpatient addiction rehab programs can be used as a stand-alone or “bridge” for those finishing an intensive inpatient program.

What are the Benefits of an Outpatient Treatment Program?

In your search for the right rehab program, you may find that outpatient treatment near Signal Mountain could be a great fit for you. There are several benefits of outpatient addiction treatment that can provide the motivation you need to find recovery. First and foremost, outpatient rehab is less expensive when compared to residential treatment programs. As a result, many insurance companies are more likely to cover substantial portions of outpatient treatment or fully cover some services.

As touched upon earlier, outpatient rehab allows you the flexibility of attending programming that fits within your busy work and family schedule. Outpatient rehab allows you to put what you learn in treatment to use in the real world. This level of treatment is ideal for those that have strong support systems at home. Another benefit of outpatient addiction treatment is that most of these programs don’t require detox. This form of rehab is great for those whose substance abuse issues are mild compared to others.

Additionally, outpatient treatment programs allow you to create solid support systems with others who are in recovery. During sessions, you will meet others who are similar to you in their experiences with addiction. The bonds you create during outpatient treatment help keep you motivated and empowered to continue working on your recovery program. These support systems are also vital in keeping you accountable if you start falling short.

How to Find Outpatient Treatment Near Signal Mountain, TN

If you are looking for an outpatient addiction treatment near Signal Mountain, TN, the facility you choose must have evidence-based programs and several options in levels of care. Nashville Treatment Solutions is a premier outpatient treatment facility in Tennessee that offers individualized treatment programs and compassionate staff with years of proven success in treating both substance abuse and mental illness. 
Call us today to learn more about our Nashville addiction treatment programs.