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Addiction treatment is more than simply detoxing from substances. In reality, addiction treatment is a process that utilizes several key components to give people the tools they need to achieve lasting recovery. Psychotherapy services and other related therapies are a common just essential part of a comprehensive drug treatment plan. This article will take a deeper look at the importance of psychotherapy and related therapies in the treatment process. Also, you will learn where to find psychotherapy services in Nashville, TN.

What is Psychotherapy?

Commonly known as talk therapy, psychotherapy aims to help people identify and change emotions and behaviors that keep them stuck in drug addiction, mental illness, and other related issues. Psychotherapy is facilitated by an experienced and licensed mental health professional. Talk therapy can be done on a one-on-one basis, and it is equally effective when done in a group setting. As with other treatment programs and services, psychotherapy is rigorously tested and proven to be effective in helping people deal with depression, anxiety, and other emotional and mental issues that lead to substance abuse.

Why is Psychotherapy So Important in Addiction Recovery?

While detox is important in helping you physically recover from addiction, therapy is equally important in helping you mentally recover from addiction. The use of drugs and alcohol is seen as a symptom of deeper mental and emotional issues.

Psychotherapy and other forms of therapy helps you unpack and address those underlying emotions. Talk therapy will give you the support you need in dealing with past traumas and feelings, and gives you the tools to help them move forward and be successful in a life of recovery. Most importantly, talk therapy helps minimize the risk of relapse once you complete treatment.

Are There Different Forms of Psychotherapy?

When looking at potential addiction treatment programs and psychotherapy services in Nashville, you may be surprised to learn that there are different forms of psychotherapy. Since you are unique in your treatment needs, having different forms of psychotherapy is beneficial to your recovery. The following are the different forms of psychotherapy, their similarities, and the subtle differences seen in each type within the psychotherapy family.


Psychotherapy is the most common form of talk therapy. It is a therapy that most people envision when they think of therapy. In a psychotherapy session, an experienced therapist will work with you in identifying unhealthy and negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Once identified, the therapist will work with you on how you can change what you feel and how you act so you can function in a healthy manner. Psychotherapy is usually long-term and is highly recommended after people complete treatment as part of an aftercare program.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is another form of psychotherapy that is similar in its practice but does have some slight differences. CBT is seen as a fusion of psychotherapy with behavioral therapy. While CBT does focus on the negative thoughts and beliefs that influence one’s behavior, it slightly differs from traditional psychotherapy in that it involves a significant behavioral change. This special kind of therapy empowers clients to challenge their feelings and thoughts. Additionally, therapists help develop coping mechanisms clients can use to completely transform their behavior. Unlike psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy is a short-term therapy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Another form of psychotherapy used in both addiction and mental health treatment is dialectical therapy (DBT). This form of therapy is utilized in more severe addiction or mental illness cases where self-destructive behaviors are occurring or possible. Dialectical behavioral therapy helps patients focus on accepting themselves in the present. DBT also helps clients increase tolerance of negative emotions and gives them tools to regulate and manage emotions. Lastly, dialectical behavioral therapy gives people the tools to interact with others respectfully and effectively.

How to Find Psychotherapy Services in Nashville, TN

Psychotherapy is an important and necessary component of both addiction and mental health treatment. If you or a loved one are looking for psychotherapy services in Nashville, call Nashville Treatment Solutions today. As with our other programs and services, our psychotherapy programs are specifically tailored to meet your needs. Whether done individually, in groups, or as a family, our psychotherapy programs give you the tools you need to transform your life. Call Nashville Treatment Solutions and take your first steps on the road to recovery.