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Commonly Abused Substances We Treat

Alcoholism Treatment

Addiction is a powerful force that overtakes and controls the lives of many. Whether you are the one watching addiction take over a loved ones life or the one battling addition, we know that can it feel overwhelming. Addiction can tear apart families, cause you to lose everything, bring harm to yourself or others, cause jail time, or even lead to death. 

alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN
alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN

An Introduction to Alcoholism

Alcoholism, which is now known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), is a condition that causes a person to continue to use alcohol even in the face of continuing negative consequences. A disease of mind, body, and spirit, alcoholism affects all parts of your life. And while advertisers tell us to think that alcohol supports a healthy, carefree, fun-filled lifestyle, we know better. Your body and alcohol are not friends. Long-term alcohol use damages all aspects of your health and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of consequences. If you’re starting to wonder if you have a problem with alcohol or you’ve realized that it’s only taking away from your life, it’s probably time to put it down. And, if you need help doing that, our alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN, can help you take your life back from alcohol. 


What Makes Someone an Alcoholic?

The only person who can truly determine if someone is an alcoholic is that person. Unlike other diseases, there is no lab test for alcoholism or clear-cut answer as to why some drink alcoholically and others do not. Researchers have spent a lot of time trying to answer this question and there are no quick answers. While research has shown a genetic component to alcoholism, it’s not a given that you will become an alcoholic or addict based on your genes. Instead, alcoholism and addiction seem to depend on a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. You may be predisposed to becoming an alcoholic or addict because your mother or father is, but you also may not be. There are a collection of factors that contribute to alcoholism and addiction. These factors include the environment you grew up in, your coping skills, any mental health disorders, any trauma you’ve experienced, and more. The inner workings of the human body and mind, while often studied, still contain some mysteries. Alcoholism and addiction are two of those mysteries. We understand more today than we did before but there are always shades of gray. 


Types of Addictions We Treat in Nashville


Opioids are a class of drug that include the illegal drug heroin, synthetic opioids that includes fentanyl, and prescription pain relievers such as oxycodone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioids are responsible for taking over 125 lives each day. Overcoming an opioid addiction can truly be a matter of life or death.


Alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is not an easy addiction to recognize. Determining the difference between a casual drinker and somebody who has an alcohol addiction is not cut and dry. In fact, many professionals with alcohol addictions function normally even under the influence of alcohol. Binge drinking, extreme mood changes, and hiding drinking are some of the signs of alcohol addiction.

Prescription Pills

Between 1999 and 2018 more than 232,000 Americans died due to overdoses involving prescription opioids. Many people believe that prescription pills are safer than illegal drugs but that simply is not true. There are three major classes of prescribed drugs that are misused. These include painkillers, stimulants, and depressants.


Most people use cocaine for the first time thinking that it’s harmless. But cocaine can cause a life-changing addiction and ruin your life, as well as your families. Crack is the less expensive version of cocaine and thus, easier to find. Many people become addicted to crack and/or cocaine in a very short amount of time. Cocaine overdoses are common and can result in heart attacks, strokes, and even death.


Marijuana is becoming a more socially-acceptable drug. In fact, it’s even legal in some states. But, much like alcohol, just because it's legal doesn't mean that you can’t become addicted to it. If you find that you can’t go without smoking marijuana, then you may have a marijuana addiction. Anxiety, irritability, unable to sleep, depression, and a lack of appetite are some of the withdrawal symptoms somebody with a marijuana addiction may experience. If you long to overcome your dependence on marijuana, we can help.

Other Drugs

From designer drugs to hallucinogens, NTS offers a variety of treatment options regardless of your drug(s) of choice. We will help craft a truly personalized treatment plan that works to achieve long-term recovery from addiction.

These are just some of the different types of substances we treat at our alcohol treatment center in middle Tennessee. We understand that every client is different which is why our tailor-made treatment plans help in achieving long-term recovery from addiction.


Signs Someone Has a Drinking Problem

If you’ve spent time asking yourself if you have a drinking problem, chances are you have a drinking problem. If you’ve typed “Am I an Alcoholic” into a search engine more than once, you probably have a drinking problem. That said, it takes more than thoughts and Internet searches to determine that you are an alcoholic. Instead, you have to look objectively at your use of alcohol and its effect on your life. 

It takes asking yourself some hard questions. The first question might be, “Is my alcohol use serving me?” but there will be many more questions to ask, including:

  • How often have I ended up drinking more or longer than I intended?
  • Have I tried to cut down on my drinking and been unable?
  • Are my friends and family hassling me about my drinking?
  • Has my drinking stopped me from doing my job well, from being a good partner, a good friend, or a good parent?
  • Have I continued drinking even though it’s causing problems in my life?

If you find yourself nodding yes to the questions above, you likely have a drinking problem. But before you hang your head in shame, don’t. Nearly ten percent of people in the United States have a drug or alcohol problem. There is no shame in having a problem and there is no shame in getting help for that problem. Whether you seek help through our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or our outpatient alcohol rehab here in Nashville, TN, we are here to help you break free of alcohol.  


The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Perhaps because alcohol use is so widely accepted in our society, many do not understand just how dangerous it can be. Withdrawing from alcohol is surprisingly more hazardous than withdrawing from any other drug. The initial signs of alcohol withdrawal are entirely innocent. In addition to feeling agitated and irritable, you might feel like you have a hangover. However, alcohol withdrawal can change quickly from those minor symptoms to more severe symptoms, including seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), and even death. Because it can be fatal, it is essential to detox under medical supervision. The caring clinicians at our alcohol detox center in Nashville, TN, can refer you to a place to detox before joining us for treatment.

Alcohol withdrawal is not the same for everyone and will be impacted by things such as: how long you have been drinking, how often you drink, how much you drink when you drink, your overall health, and if you have gone through alcohol withdrawal in the past.

In basic terms, the more often you drink and the more you drink, the more likely you will experience withdrawal symptoms in increased severity. If you have gone through severe alcohol withdrawal in the past, you will likely experience severe symptoms in the future. While no one can predict precisely what your alcohol withdrawal will look like, detoxing on your own can be dangerous. Detoxing off alcohol under the care of  licensed clinicians and physicians at a professional facility is the best way to ensure your safety as you begin this journey. 


Most Major Health Insurance Will Help Cover the Cost of Treatment.

Most major health plans with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of treatment at Nashville Treatment Solutions. To find out your health insurance coverage, click the button below to begin your free benefits check & consultation. 

If we can’t work with your insurance, our dedicated team of treatment coordinators will find the best options that work for you.

We currently are unable to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans including TennCare. 


Treatment Options at Our Alcohol Rehab in Nashville

At our alcohol detox center in Nashville, TN, we support you holistically as you begin your journey to recovery. While active in their addiction most clients are not focused on their health. Additionally, most alcoholics have particular vitamin deficiencies that must be addressed. We’ll help you heal and reconnect with your body through better nutrition, movement, and self-care. Bringing your body back to a healthful state is just the beginning. We’ll also focus on helping you to build a more mindful approach to your life. Yoga, meditation, and sound therapy are all tools that will become a part of your toolbox after your treatment. 

During this time we’ll create a therapy plan for you. We offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including Adventure-Based Counseling, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family recovery, and  Trauma-Informed Interventions. And while all of these treatments will be life-changing, what may be even more significant is the community aspect of alcohol rehab. Our alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN, provides community. Rather than facing your struggles alone, you will be alongside others who are on their recovery paths. Your paths will not be identical but the support you can offer each other is beyond words. 


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Get Sober for Good at Our Nashville, TN Alcohol Rehab

At Nashville Treatment Solutions, we know that everyone’s addiction story is different, and that‘s why we tailor your treatment plan to you.

Rather than take a cookie-cutter approach, we meet you where you are. Whether you begin with our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or our intensive outpatient program (IOP), we will be standing next to you, helping to light the way on your journey to recovery. 

By bringing a wealth of experience and compassion, the licensed clinicians and physicians at our alcohol treatment center in Nashville, TN, will partner with you throughout your treatment.  We’ll be at your side from detox through outpatient counseling, helping you heal and build a foundation that leads to long-term, lasting sobriety. Connect with us today to begin your journey. 

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